Marchio Youbileum
Youbileum: your Jubilee

Your Jubilee

Innovation for the Jubilee of Mercy


Youbileum project

‘Your Jubilee along the Path of Peace’


Gathering the community in a shared space, promoting catechesis and evangelization through information and news, facilitating the access to spiritual paths and guiding pilgrims in collective events, in a common rediscovery of brotherhood, faith, hospitality and charity: these are the main goals of Youbileum, a technological platform that was born along with the activities of ‘The Path of Peace’, for the Jubilee of Mercy.

Youbileum is a travelling companion that takes care of travellers and goes along them throughout their spiritual individual path, in the discovery of faith and Mercy. So it is the modern translation of the traditional pilgrim stick: a diary of one’s own experience, a map for orientation, but also a security device, throughout an exciting and personal path in still unexplored places.

This smartphone/tablet APP is a Pilgrim identity card, which notifies when they come close to spiritual, entertaining and touristic activities, suggests affiliated accommodation facilities in which discounts will apply- and provides all the relevant information for the enjoyment of the Path and Jubilee experience.

The App has been created in partnership with the Information Working Group and can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices, while the information service portal can be found by any device connected to the Internet  and allows to customize one’s own experience and get ready for the journey with useful news and indications.


  • We provide pilgrims with official information about the press review, catecheuesis contents, prayers, hymns, but also on the Jubilee calendar events, by sending notifications when the news are particularly relevant or urgent, namely the forthcoming start of a concert.
  • Map: we graphically visualize all the points and paths of interest so that pilgrims can decide which contents to see, in order to plan their journey in the best way, according to time availability and the distances that can be crossed.
  • Pilgrim Card: an e-document that identifies the pilgrim and allows the access to personal services such as insurance policy, discounts for the participation in events, traceability, request for emergency assistance, personal information concerning food intolerance or medical treatment.
  • Security/safety: apart from the insurance with Reale Mutua Assicurazioni company, the APP permits the construction of a security network in which Pilgrims can report situations of danger to the authorities, in order to activate assistance and surveillance.


Informations about sacred moments of prayer planned for the Jubilee


A network of reports to ensure the perceived and participatory safety


Assistance, services and conventions setting out on your journey in safety


The Pilgrim Card grants access to more than 2,000 partner companies offers