Contribution for peace

Il Cammino della Pace association aims at maximum participation and wants social organizations, volunteer associations, Institutions and Parishes to adopt a new way of interacting with enterprises. As the latter are subject to regulatory and economic sustainability issues, this cooperation could create new collaboration and work opportunities, which will be beneficial for the territory.

These activities are meant to produce profits that will be employed for emerging social urgencies and will improve the community well-being, in the respect of the ‘Common House’, the availability of Parishes, the efficacy of the Religious institutions and the devolution to Works of Mercy, with the common wish to strengthen the sense of brotherhood, community and family.

How does it work?

With a quick and free registration on our portal, you will access to all the information and try the Youbileum instruments and APP for free.

Refer to the Youbileum Quick Guide for in-depth informations.

What do we offer?

When you buy the Pilgrim Card, you get access to the whole Youbileum Offer immediately:

  • Events to go "Beyond the Jubilee" A calendar of concerts, art exhibitions and cultural events, to live spirituality through beauty and emotion.
  • A precious emblem The Pilgrim Card is a visibly recognizable and long-lasting symbol of belonging to the path towards Mercy.
  • The Premium Youbileum App Unlock the special functions on the smartphone Youbileum APP, such as spiritual paths’ ends and the issuing of electronic and printable tickets.
  • Pilgrim’s sack Pick up your sack for fee, showing your Pilgrim Card at the distribution points: products selected from more than 30 food and beverage brands.

The Pilgrim Card is the real innovation in the Youbileum project: it activates Premium Services, allows you to get discounts for the great events and the sponsored activities such as medical structures, restaurants, hotels, taxi and bus services, insurance companies, transport, emergency service. It also makes you access to the special services of the Youbileum smartphone APP, such as spiritual paths ‘ends, the issuing of tickets, vouchers and emergency service.

The Pilgrim Card is available in plastic and electronic version. Both offer you great advantages, apart from the Premium Services:

  • The plastic card can be used as an emblem, is easily recognizable by the inspecting officers and can be bought at the Information Points, the points of sale in Rome, and on Amazon, the famous online portal. Each card contains an ID code and a code to activate the services.
  • The electronic card ensures the same functions of the plastic version. It can be seen thanks to Youbileum smartphone APP and be immediately bought from our website. It allows you to unlock all our offers, avoiding delivery time and queuing. You will receive your ID and identification codes straight in your email.

The Pilgrim Card can be customized with your own information, making an ID and traceability card. This will be useful if either the Pilgrim gets lost or would like to provide information about intolerances, food and medical cures, making emergency services easier in case of emergency.

Thanks to the Pilgrim Card, you will be able to pick up your Pilgrim Sack for free. This contains useful objects to help the Pilgrims of the Jubilee of Mercy.